The Ultra American Logo

When we were creating our brand, Ultra American, we always knew that we had to create a striking logo.  A logo that represented us.
We knew from the beginning that we wanted it to have the letters U and A.  We originally had a traditional U shape, but it just didn’t feel right.  Early on, the idea of having the U shaped as a V resonated.  This is the way it had originally been written. 
The positioning of the V and the A resembles barbed wire.  This was important to us.  Barbed wire has long been a symbol of strength and faith.
Ultra American Logo - Strength and faith
We added a division in the middle so that the logo resembled two X’s.  One to symbolize strength.  The other to symbolize unity.
Ultra American Logo - Strength and Unity

The final touch of the logo was to add the two side cuts in order to make to the A of America more prominent.

Ultra American Logo - Quality. Excellence. Pride


The final logo is captivating and modern.  It is one that carries a lot of meaning behind it.  We feel it strongly represents our brand. 

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